Alal Broughton / Tough, girls

Alal Broughton performing ‘Tough, girls’ on the open mic at Melbourne Spoken Word’s Fresh Voices on May 9, 2017.

Alal Broughton is as lost as she wants to be. Australian born with Ugandan and white Australian heritage, for Alal every day is an opportunity for discovery and transformation. Alal’s world surrounds itself in creativity. The art of storytelling was bestowed to her around open campfires and full dinner tables by her parents and aunties. These days, whether traveling up and down the East coast of Australia in search of identity, dreaming of her mother’s Ancestry, or creating poetry, stories and music in Melbourne, Alal tackles these pilgrimages of life with journal and pen in hand and thick lips poised to tell all. Every day brings us new opportunity to construct our own realities and to share stories through words, songs and artifacts. Alal strives to capture such moments in the lives around her in an attempt to understand herself.

Annie Solah