Audacious, our new audio journal of spoken word coming in 2015

Melbourne Spoken Word is very excited to announce the impending launch of our new audio journal of spoken word to be launched in 2015, Audacious. Our aim is offer a quarterly high quality audio publication available for download and CD that showcases some of the best spoken word and poetic recordings in Melbourne and elsewhere.

Submissions are now open for the first edition, but we will also be commissioning work based on what blows us away at live events and in partnership with gigs. For example, the winner of the Slamalamadingdong season final will have their piece published in the inaugural edition.

We encourage as many people as possible to record their work and send it in to us. We have the option of bringing in people to re-record pieces in better quality if need be.

For more information on how to submit to Audacious please see the submission guidelines on our Submittable Page. Submissions for the first edition close in late December and we plan to release the first edition in February to coincide with our third birthday.

Annie Solah