Audio Overland is now online

Overland’s first issue featuring ‘audio poetry’ is online at Edited by Maxine Clarke, it features seven pieces by Jacky T, Juliana Qian, Benjamin Solah, Omar Musa, Eleanor Jackson, Sean M Whelan and Dominica Nicholls.

Other than Going Down Swinging, Australian literary journals have been largely devoid of aural poetry.

Maxine Clarke said:

With Audio Overland, a major Australian literary journal has found its way to publishing a literature previously beyond its scope. That there is a new venue for great Australian literature is something for all writers to celebrate. That the literature in question is aural text, in a country where so few opportunities exist for the creators of aural poetry to be recognised in terms on par with their less vocal poetic comrades, makes the occasion all the more significant.

Annie Solah