Carmen Main / An Unusual Work

Carmen Main performing ‘An Unusual Work’ at The Owl & Cat Readings on November 6, 2016.

The Owl & Cat Readings are held on the first Sunday of the month at The Owl & Cat Theatre, 34 Swan Street, Richmond.

Carmen Main is a writer and spoken word performer, born and bred in Melbourne. Her style is personal, attempts immediacy, aims to use words economically, and is hugely influenced by pop culture, music and art. She picks up pens to write down feelings. Blurred lines between poetry and catharsis.

Carmen received an Honourable Mention at The Melbourne Spoken Word Prize 2015 and is included in the audio journal Audacious Volume 2, published by MSW.

She has featured at ‘Melbourne Speaks Poetry’ at White Night 2016, at MoreArt 2016, Passionate Tongues and House of Bricks, the Dan, the Owl & Cat readings, and was interviewed on 3CR’s Spoken Word program.

Annie Solah