Podcast: Melbourne Speaks Poetry 00 - What is spoken word?

Welcome to the first episode of Melbourne Spoken Word’s new podcast, Melbourne Speaks Poetry, where we discuss the art form of spoken within and around Melbourne.

In episode 00, we introduce ourselves and discuss what the podcast aims to do and what is this art form we call spoken word. Featuring Benjamin Solah, Anthony O’Sullivan, Amanda Anastasi, Esme Foong and Brendan Bonsack.

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0:00 – 13:08: Introductions 13:09 – 19:46: “Community” in the Spoken Word Community 19:47 – 23:20: Do you write differently for performance? 23:21 – 26:03: Voice, theatricality and presence in performance 26:04 – 31:00: Why Melbourne Speaks Poetry? The point of this podcast. 31:01 – 35:43: Conflicts in poetry 35:44 – 1:05:04: What is Spoken Word? 41:48 – The difference between ‘spoken word’ and ‘poetry’ 42:55 – Does poetry/spoken word have to be written? 46:09 – Memorising poetry 48:11 – The performative aspect of spoken word 51:04 – Spoken word as a conversation: The audience. 53:02 – Getting out to new gigs! 55:22 -Is Spoken Word about Art or Community? 1:00:53 – 1:08:06: Markers of a good spoken word piece 1:08:07 – 1:15:22: What works for live performance versus audio? 1:15:23 – 1:23:43: Highlights of the month


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La Mama Poetica

Ms Millie’s Pop Up Poetry Cafe

The Owl & Cat Readings

Paper Waves

Passionate Tongues

Poetry @ the Dan O’Connell

Ruckus Slam



Colossi by Scott Wings

Roshelle Fong – Virtual Reality Performance


Lentil as Anything


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