CD review: Welcome to Country by Jacky T

Review by Carrie Hagan

artworks-000026017713-jecv1f-originalJacky T’s EP Welcome to Country opens with the title track – a catchy, clever, and sometimes comical piece which simultaneously addresses contemporary Australia’s attitudes toward Aboriginal people, while drawing comparisons between traditional and non-traditional practices in a celebratory way. From here we are taken on a journey through various pieces which deal with everything from the consequences of mindless consumption, to the empowerment of self, to the painful effects of growing up in a narrow-minded, small-town community.

Jacky T’s writing is nuanced and so attentively layered with multiple meanings that we are swept into the current of swift mental connections and transitions created by an artist who is clearly a deep and determined thinker.

What stands out most about Jacky T’s work is his combination of grit and eloquence; honesty which sheds light and darkness in equal measure, making for an incredibly holistic and fulfilling experience as a listener.

This EP is choca-block full of social and political commentary, irony, and lyrical prowess – finessed by an amalgamation of hip-hop beats, wordplay, and poetic technique to boot.

An absolute must-listen for anyone interested in discovering the place where unpredictable sound patterns meet the humble flow of a word-smith and producer dedicated to his craft.

Annie Solah