Five beverages to drink while writing

OK let’s get the healthy stuff out of the way first. Water is hella good for writing because a hydrated brain is a happy brain. You wouldn’t go to the gym without a water bottle (ok so maybe you wouldn’t go to the gym full stop, bad example AHEM anyway…) so don’t exercise your brain without one either. Also good for reminding you to get up and walk around every now and then, because what goes in must come out. So unless you’re really lazy and decide to cut out the middle man and turn your bathroom into a home office, nature’s call will help you remember to fit in some breaks between stanzas.

Red Wine
I know right? What a stereotype. It’s that way for a reason. We love the stuff. Poets that is, and writers in general. So if you want to look the part, grab a glass of the red stuff (white wine doesn’t count) and settle in with your notebook. There’s bonus points for a hand scribed poem with red wine glass rings on the page. In addition to aesthetics, sometimes those of us who drink alcohol find that indulging in a glass or two is a great way to loosen up and get the creative juices flowing. Just make sure to write drunk, edit sober.

This one speaks for itself, however I’m still going to speak for it, like a horrible mansplainer who isn’t actually a man. Most people need to be awake to write. You might have had a few too many glasses of red last night, or perhaps you’re pulling an all nighter to polish off your feature set for the Dan tomorrow – whatever the reason, wrap your hands around a nice big, strong cup of coffee. Linger over it and enjoy the aroma. Close your eyes, breathe deep and let your brain cells fire. Oh yeahhhhh.

Cuppa tea guv’na? Oops, looks like someone overdid the coffee. Time to take a moment to relax. Black, chai, white, green, red, herbal infusion, there’s a drop for everyone. Whatever your flavour there’s nothing like a nice hot cuppa to sooth what ails you, from writer’s’ block induced frustration to that headache you get when you just can’t get your scansion right. Tea is great for so many situations, not to mention how inspiring the colours can be. Just the thought of tannins seeping from leaves and swirling through a cup stirs something in me.

Ahhhh gin. They say gin makes you sad. Who are they? Nobody knows. I don’t really care because it’s a load of bollocks anyway. And even if it wasn’t then that would probably also be a plus – tortured artist anyone? We all need a little bit of sadness in our lives, it makes for great material. Gin and tonics are a wonderfully refreshing drink so not only are they good for a long evening of writing they’re good for performing. Something to wet your whistle before/during/after you get up on stage and read your work aloud. Jolly good.

Photo by maroun

Margaret Coulter