Fleassy Malay / Reason to Dream

Fleassy Malay performing ‘Reason to Dream’ at the Slamalamadingdong Grand Slam, on May 25, 2017.

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Fleassy Malay is an Internationally renowned, evocative and powerful spoken word artist from the UK. Now based in Melbourne, Australia, she runs one of Melbourne’s most successful Spoken Word events, Mother Tongue. A passionate, powerful, vulnerable and honest performer who’s words and courses leave a profound impression.

With a theatrical and yet deeply authentic performance style, she is renowned for capturing the hearts of her audiences. Her poetry has the capacity to bring our minds to the deep, important and sometimes harrowing issues of our time whilst also inspiring an air of hope, empowerment and divine connection. Her topics often center around her personal experiences as a woman, a mother, her queer identity and spirituality. Her history in Clowning comes through also in her dry yet honest comedy style which breaks up tension and unites both audience and performer. You can find out more about Fleassy at

Annie Solah