Help us build a new website for the poetry & spoken word community

You may have noticed things look a bit different around here. We’ve been moving stuff around, tidying things up and getting ourselves ready for a brand new look and the amazing functions set to hit Melbourne Spoken Word in a few months, but for this we need your help.

Melbourne Spoken Word began by me creating a humble blog two years ago, and our focus has always intended on being on events, listing the open mics, readings, slams, performance, workshops and other events that populate our scene. Some nights you have the great task of choosing between one event or the other, there’s usually multiple events a week representing the diversity and depth in our community. We haven’t always been able to put as much focus on the events as we’d like with our current design and so we’re embarking on a daunting but exciting project to crowdfund the money to get a professionally designed website just for us.

With the help of Pozible, That Mob and Phil and Toby, we’re hoping to bring you a website that gives our community the attention it deserves. $4,500 may look like a lot of money and it is, with everyone chipping in, we can raise the money, with your help, by not only pledging but spreading the word.

We have until the start of September to raise the money and already we’ve received hundreds of dollars at the time of writing toward our goal. Help us help the whole community, a website for all of us, where we can send all of those in love with poetry and spoken word out to all of the great events our community hosts.

Annie Solah