Hunch / Awake

Hunch performs ‘Awake’ at Voices in the Attic, April 12, 2016.

Daymon Greulich, AKA, ‘Hunch’ was a late bloomer in the garden of Spoken Word. Having worked for most of his life as a visual artist, it wasn’t until recently that he discovered the art of illustrating with language. Inspired primarily by personal experiences and dreams, in just under eighteen months on the mic he has already carved out a name for himself within the local scene spitting his distinctly original and rhythmic vocals. Wavering between the profound and the ridiculous, Hunch’s primary objective as a Spoken Word artist is to explore his own mind and use the medium as a form of personal therapy! You can find more videos by Hunch on his Youtube channel, ‘Hunch Nine’.

Annie Solah