Jay J Larkin / 23

Jay J Larkin performs ’23’ at Girls on Key, on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at Open Studio.

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Jay J Larkin combines her love for poetry and good food every month at her pop up poetry cafe Miss Millie’s. Here she’s been able to cultivate a community of poets mature and green, whilst eating homemade brownies. When she’s not baking for Miss Millie’s you can find her running workshops for high schools, judging many a competition or running more poetry events with the Islamic Museum of Australia. And sometimes when she’s not behind the scenes she takes place on stage and performs her own work, almost always centring around relationships, identity, feminism and her journey as a woman so far.

Girls on Key is a monthly poetry event supporting women and non-binary artists, that takes place usually on the first Wednesday of the month at Open Studio, Northcote. For more information visit, their Facebook Page, Twitter, and YouTube channel.

Annie Solah