Jennifer Compton / The Narrative Arc of Christchurch

Jennifer Compton reads ‘The Narrative Arc of Christchurch’ at Melbourne Spoken Word presents Bill Moran at The Provincial Hotel on September 1, 2017.

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Jennifer Compton lives in Carrum out on the Frankston line. She is a poet and playwright who also writes prose. When it comes to the poetry side of things she likes to have it every which way possible. She very much likes winning the Newcastle Poetry Prize and being given the big cheque. And she also very much likes the hurly burly of the open mic. She has been known to slam, but very, very gently. A new book of poetry (The View From Below) is a third of the way there, and a stage play (The Goose In The Bottle) is being intermittently recalcitrant. As for the novel, well best not spoken of.

Annie Solah