John Englezos / Forgiveness and Forgetfulness

John Englezos won the 2015 Slamalamadingdong Season Finals for his poem ‘Forgiveness and Forgetfulness’ performed at the Slamalamadingdong Season Finals, at 24 Moons on November 27, 2015.

Video produced by Melbourne Spoken Word. Filmed by Benjamin Solah and Will Beale. Edited by Benjamin Solah

John has been making a fool of himself on the page and the stage from a fairly young age. He grew up loving theatre, so when he isn’t performing, you will probably find him near the stage with camera in hand, soaking up the amazing and diverse stories that come from the Melbourne Spoken Word community. His written and visual creative work centres around ideas of hope, dignity and wonder. He has spoken at TEDx St Kilda and is a regular attendee at Slamalamadingdong and Voices in the Attic and any other event he can get along to. One of these days, he will finish procrastinating and publish a book, or go out and “get a real job”. But til then, this is John.

Annie Solah