Keep in touch with Melbourne Spoken Word

Social Media, Twitter, not so much Google+, but definitely Facebook have been awesome for the Melbourne poetry scene. It only helps to keep in touch with everyone, but to reach new people too. When I first got involved, it was the Facebook Groups of all the regular gigs that kept in the loop and finding out more.

MSW loves social media too and we love promoting Melbourne poets and poetry. It’s why we put so much effort into keeping our Facebook Page up to date with all the upcoming gigs, our latest articles and the videos going around the web. We’ve almost reached 400 fans and it continues to grow!

But it’s not all perfect. Facebook has been screwing around with Pages a bit and we’ve recently become worried that less than half of you are receiving updates via the Facebook Page. Whether that’s because Facebook is not showing everything or because you’re not online every day, or all the time, we’re not sure but we’d hate for you to miss things.

On the right side of the website, there’s an option to subscribe to our website via email. We would love for as many people as possible to subscribe. We promise not to go overboard with the website updates. But we are thinking of publishing a regular post at the start of each month with the upcoming gigs for that month. Which makes letting me know early about Features more important. As always, we love feedback so leave a comment on whether you think that’s a good idea or if you have other ideas of what you’d like to see. We’ve got a video interview with Santo Cazzati coming soon! And perhaps we might do some giveaways to subscribers.

But we need your help with the Facebook stuff. Sharing this post with a message urging people to subscribe via email (and like the Page too) would help a lot, especially given we don’t think everyone’s seeing the posts. But also ‘liking’ our updates, sharing the articles and the upcoming event pages helps the wider scene, supports each other’s gigs etc. It tells Facebook that not only do you want to keep seeing our updates, but if we get lots of likes it gives them the hint that other people want to keep seeing this too.

We really appreciate all the help. And hope to see you around at a gig this week.

Annie Solah