Listing your spoken word or poetry gig?

Melbourne Spoken Word supports, promotes and lists any event within Melbourne and wider Victoria with a primary focus on spoken word. Defined as the main part of your event presented through the instrument of the spoken voice (as opposed to primarily the singing voice), including but not limited to poetry, poetry readings, spoken word performance and storytelling, with the exception of stand-up comedy (as it is its own distinct art form) and speeches and speaking tours. Music and poetry nights, “all arts” open mics, and festivals or larger events where spoken word is one component are advised that their events will not be listed.

This does not exclude events that use other art forms, such as music, to augment, accompany or support spoken word, but spoken word and poetry must be the explicit and primary artform for the event to be listed by Melbourne Spoken Word, which is decided at the discretion of the Melbourne Spoken Word committee. The majority of the performers and the headline performers must be poets/spoken word artists and spoken word and poetry must be clearly stated in all forms of advertising.

MSW is run by a team of volunteers that try to keep the events page as up to date as possible, and also list events they find around the rest of the internet, but submitting your event ensures it’s considered for inclusion and listing on our events page, and ensures it’ll be sent out to our email list of other 2,000 subscribers. In return, we ask you please pass on the details of MSW at your event to help continue the spirit of cross-promotion and community that Melbourne Spoken Word seeks to support.

Is your event a once-off or special event?

Are you starting a new regular event?

If you’re starting a new regular event such as a regular open mic or series, it’s worth contacting us to discuss the best time in the spoken word calendar to host it, if you want to make sure it doesn’t clash with something in the same part of Melbourne or clashes with a similar audience.

Have you had a regular event already listed on Melbourne Spoken Word, and just want to let us know the details for the next one?

Are you a poet that’s featured or featuring at a listed event? And your bio isn’t there?