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Last week, we talked about what radio shows you can tune into to listen to spoken word. It’s younger cousin, the podcast has for a while been a popular alternative to radio, and spoken word has had some stuff out in podcast form for you to subscribe to and listen to on your phone or off your computer at home.

The best Podcast to listen to, especially for Australian listeners, is La Danza Poetica, produced by DJ Lapkat. Produced monthly, there’s currently thirty-nine episodes and feature a wide range of Australian and international spoken word, including a whole lot of Melbourne artists.

Launched last year, Nathan Hondros and Robbie Coburn record The Australian Poetry Podcast with a focus on Australian poets. With nine episodes online, it hasn’t had a new episode since June last year, but we hope it comes back.

With its final episode coming in late January, IndieFeed: Performance Poetry has a huge archive of shows since 2006, with Melbourne poet Joel McKerrow as one of the hosts, featuring a nice range of Australian poets alongside a huge archive of American slam poets.

Canberra slam, BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! has an archive of twenty-three podcasts featuring a whole bunch of their featured poets from their gigs. Very interesting to see something like a podcast as an artefact of a gig, and evidence that Canberra is not just full of politicians.

It’s been suggested a few times and the idea keeps coming up that Melbourne Spoken Word should do its own podcast. Perhaps rotating hosts monthly, with interviews and featured poets from Melbourne. Let us know what you think of the idea in the comments.

Photo by Rodin

Annie Solah