Luka Lesson’s new album EXIT released for free

706luka-final-flat-e1395121404793Australian slam poet heavyweight Luka Lesson has released his latest album EXIT for free! The album is available for download for free from his website and features 11 new pieces.

Luka Lesson spoke to Melbourne Spoken Word and told us “EXIT is an musical album, but I approached everything as a poet. After finding my poetic roots in Melbourne and watching them grow, leaving to tour worldwide pushed me even further into the deep end of words, cultures and finding out more about who I am. EXIT is about escaping our comfort zones, and the person we meet when we are faced with difficult and ‘foreign’ situations, both internally and externally.

“The Melbourne spoken word scene is a place for me that sparked the beginning of something big, and that inspired me to make something different – not hip-hop and not straight poetry, and not even something I would call ‘Australian’. I know when we search we don’t necessarily ever find an end point, but EXIT is a chronicle of the internal and external landscapes I’ve been walking over the past two years. It is personal and vulnerable, I took risks with it and made sure I made things that were honest and powerful.”

Check out his latest video clip below.

Annie Solah