Meena Shamaly and Sharifa Tartoussi perform ‘Scars’ supporting Sierra DeMulder at Howler, on August 20, 2017.

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Meena Shamaly is a poet, composer, and musician. He identifies as a foreigner everywhere, with a hybrid cultural and creative identity. He is also one of the creative producers of Slamalamadingdong.

Sharifa A Tartoussi is a dental student, poet and performer. Equal parts worrier, warrior and all round human, when she is not squinting at teeth or hitting the books, she writes and sometimes, she works up the courage to perform. She is involved in several creative projects, most notably becoming half the founding party of GriffinSpeak; a poetry and spoken word gig that runs quarterly and aims to create space for voices from marginalised groups around Melbourne.

Benjamin Solah

Benjamin Solah is a writer, poet, spoken word artist, activist and the Director of Melbourne Spoken Word. He grew up in Western Sydney before calling Melbourne home in 2008, where he's performed since 2010 around Melbourne's regular spoken word and poetry nights including Passionate Tongues, The Dan Poets, Voices in the Attic and House of Bricks as well as the NGV and White Night. He's released a chapbook, broken bodies, and two spoken word albums, Duel Power with Santo Cazzati and The World Doesn't Make Sense EP.
Benjamin Solah