Natalie Jeffreys / The Purity of Sadness

The winner of The 2018 Melbourne Spoken Word Prize, Natalie Jeffreys performs ‘The Purity of Sadness’ at Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre on Friday, December 7, 2018.

Natalie Jeffreys is a singer-songwriter, composer, and spoken word poet based in Melbourne. Her music and poetry explore the intersection of faith, beauty, mental health, playful storytelling, and comedy. You’ll never find her too far away from her tenor ukulele, her piano, her microphone, or her notebook (er, iPad), writing lyrics and poetry in any circumstance.

Natalie won the 2018 Melbourne Spoken Word Prize at the Northcote Town Hall in December 2018. She was the winner of GriffinSlam 2018 and featured at GriffinSpeak in September 2018. She has also featured at events such as Faith Speaks and Piano and the Poet.

Natalie is the creative mind behind Puddledog Productions, a business where she creates customized songs as personalized gifts. She is currently composing her first Musical, Couches, a compilation of stories from seven very different people who own the same couch, and is also writing her first screenplay for original web-series Quarter Tones, a satirical commentary into the workings of a large scale arts organisation.

She loves dogs, She loves people, but also secretly wishes that all people were dogs.

Annie Solah