Nathan Curnow / Corpse Fete

Nathan Curnow reading, Corpse Fete, from his collection, The Apocalypse Awards at The Owl & Cat Readings, on November 6, 2016.

The Owl & Cat Readings happen on the first Sunday of every month, at The Owl & Cat Theatre in Richmond.

Nathan Curnow is an award-winning poet, performer and past editor of Going Down Swinging. His previous books include The Ghost Poetry Project, RADAR, and The Right Wrong Notes. His most recent collection The Apocalypse Awards (2016) is inspired by the absurdity of the modern world and charts our collective obsession with the end times. A recipient of the Josephine Ulrick Poetry Prize, he teaches creative writing at Federation University, and is a co-host of the Youtube series Cooking Classic Poems.

Annie Solah