Poetry Bombing the Peninsula

The Poetry Bomb is the New Yarn Bomb with street cred or so I’d like to think. On the 23rd of June, the Peninsula Poets Society set off on a journey to paste the walls of Frankston with their words to mark the event Poetry Bomb: Show Your Voice. Participants were instructed to come armed with home-made glue (the recipe is on our YouTube channel if you’re interested), a paint brush and printed poetry. It was freezing, the flu was caught, videos were made and many a wall was splashed with poetry. There were zines, haiku, longer pieces, political bombs, odes to lost lovers, philosophical musings, laugh out loud bombs and even some spoken word along the way.

Backed by the Frankston council and the local library, the day began by bombing the library, the walls of a motorcycle shop already lit up with awesome local street art, gallery lane and the walls leading to the Peninsula’s one and only Poetry Slam event location B’Artiste where the poets translated their bombed work onto words for the stage.


Brigitte Lewis is a Melbourne poet based on the Peninsula and an organiser of Peninsula Poets (check them out on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter). She has featured at Passionate Tongues among other venues and is the author of the erotic lesbian poetic verse novel, Rubbing Mirrors.

Annie Solah