Audacious Issue One

Audacious Issue One, released in April 2015, features a wide range of voices, from suburbs spotted around Melbourne, plus a visitor or two.

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Brunswick Bound
From Benjamin Solah, in person at various gigs
Melbourne Spoken Word events

Editor: Benjamin Solah
Assistant Editor: Anthony WP O’Sullivan
Mastering: Armand Petit
Recording Consultant: Jacky T
Cover image by Di Cousens.

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10850710_2991210303703_49412483_nEmily Weitzman

Emily Weitzman writes artichokes and eats poems. The recipient of a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, she is spending the year traveling the globe, teaching, performing, writing, and learning about communities and cultures through spoken word and poetry. Raised in New York, she graduated from Wesleyan University, where as a competitor and coach, she was a four-year member of the award-winning Wesleyan University slam poetry team. The team won awards, including “Best Writing” at the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational in 2012, and Emily won individual awards such as “Best Female Poet,” “Funniest Poet,” and “Best Persona Poem.” The first half of Emily’s yearlong journey as a Watson Fellow has brought her to New Zealand, Australia, Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka. As a teacher, performer, artist-in-residence, or observer, Emily has collaborated with various spoken word organizations across the globe.

10464024_644453245633101_50311578628614848_nBrendan Reed Dennis

Brendan Reed Dennis has been turning heads and blowing minds in Melbourne since his arrival in January 2014. From dingy Melbourne bars to the Sydney opera house, Brendan has left audiences in a poetry induced state of existential crisis. As one of the younger writers in the Melbourne poetry scene he prefers the term ‘prodigy’ to ‘young poet. He is the the man with the golden tongue and it has earned him the title of Victorian State Poetry Champion of 2014. Watch out, Steve Smart says he’s a charming bastard!

10735883_1522073911371326_236179956_n (1)Kylie Supski

Kylie is a woman, an electricity, an artist, a short play of nothing as she is nothing. Kylie, like all artists loves talking and talking about herself, and she loves talking and talking about nothing. Apart from talking about herself and nothing, Kylie performs her poetry at many Melbourne’s spoken word events. She was recently involved in the “GL RY” project which was part of the cultural program for the International AIDS Conference 2014. She finds inspiration in her experiences and observations of the presence “The Here, The Now” and people who she meets in this presence. Her dream is to write poem like “Correspondences” of Charles Baudelaire. Her favourite poets are Lisa Gorton and Dorothy Porter (who are luckily both from Melbourne) and of course Sylvia Plath. She believes in words, and power of words to change how people think. She wants her words “fuck you awake”.


Fury is an animatronic, anthropomorphised cyborg typewriter who produces poetry up until recently where they ended an affair with Google who is presently trying to track their where abouts. In their downtime, they enjoy processing binary and making art out of books such as The Da Vinci Code. You can see more at or

10670128_10152357998507895_4408674268525960727_nAnthony WP O’Sullivan

Anthony WP O’Sullivan is a writer/performer/musician with too much time on his hands and lots of talented friends. He runs gigs when he runs out of TV shows to binge-watch and is almost done with The West Wing box set. He will be living in Rome later this year due to an error the arts council appears to have made.

Jackie-T-540x540Jacky T

Jacky T is a poet/MC/producer who lives and hustles in Brunswick, Melbourne. Originally from country Victoria, he wears city life like an itchy woollen sweater. He is a published poet, award winning slam artist and has just dropped ‘New Stylus ep’ for ya free downloading pleasure.

amanda11Amanda Anastasi

Amanda is the curator of La Mama Poetica and a Melbourne poet. She studied Professional Writing and Literature at Deakin University. Her work has been published in magazines and anthologies both locally and in NZ, the US, the UK and Ireland. Amanda has performed at various festivals and poetry events around Melbourne, and her words have been seen on the scrolling text screens of Federation Square and on the walls of Prahran’s Artist’s Lane. Amanda’s first collection 2012 and other poems was named in Ali Alizadeh’s ‘Top Ten Poetic Works of 2012’ in Overland Literary Journal. She was also the co-writer of Loop City, along with poet Steve Smart and NZ composer Yvette Audain, produced by MSO’s Sarah Curro.

1896908_283144155183824_1814874271_nThomas William Richardson

Tom has been performing around Melbourne for around 5 years. He writes from his own emotional landscape and relies heavily on inspiration. He enjoys any kind of Coffee.

JOY94.9_Lana_oct_21st_2014_2Lana Woolf

Lana Woolf is a writer, spoken word artist, radio producer and activist among many other things. She has won the annual Percy Shelly Poetry Slam two years running (2012/2013), has placed in both storytelling and performance poetry at the Sydney Rd Writers Festival (2013), has featured at Keep Left (2012), JOY 94.9 International Lesbian Day Show (2012 & 2014), House of Bricks (2013), Laughs for Diversity (2014), The annual Percy Shelly Poetry Slam (2014) JOY 94.9, International Women’s Day Event (2014) University of Melbourne, Judy Punch magazine launch (2014), Out In The Open (2014). Lana’s collective work is self reflective and often examines the experiences of racism, sexism and homophobia that exist in the world in which we live.

10527466_753783368021688_8888291352998448034_nSam Hasell

Sam Hasell has been on the slam scene since he was sixteen. In that time he’s performed everywhere, from the Sydney Opera House to your local. Sam believe that everyone has a story worth telling, and he wants to help you tell it.

xtine2014Christine Burrows

A Melbourne kiwi (via 80’s Sydney) Christine writes to save herself. To document and transform difficult experiences. Themes of social & environmental justice in the face of dangerous political lunacy also motivate and populate her work. A cancer diagnosis in 2013 sent Christine ‘home within herself’, returning to the practice of writing poetry to express, transform and transcend. It also imbued her creative work with deeper urgency, honesty and insight. Christine can be seen lurking around open mics in Melbourne.

10420406_933520000021922_4567558448195677163_nVictoria Sapoznikoff

Victoria Sapoznikoff currently lives in Elwood, Melbourne. Her poetry mainly revolves around themes of vulnerability, fear and change. She writes from the heart with the hope that others can connect with her work and see their own reflection within it.

Annie Solah