Santo Cazzati / Live at White Night

Santo Cazzati Live from his set at White Night Melbourne 2016, on February 18, 2016.

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Santo Cazzati is a spoken word artist. The son of Italian immigrants to Australia, he emerged from past lives as a classical concert pianist and avant-garde jazz musician to teach at an elite Melbourne private school which must remain anonymous in order to protect those concerned. He performs in a range of styles, from fast rhythmical delivery to slow atmospheric meditation, often with a strong world music influence and critical ironic distance.

He is the winner of the Shelton Lea award for best solo performance at The Overload Poetry Festival in 2012. He is the former host of House of Bricks Spoken Word, and is a presenter on 3CR Spoken Word as well as a co-host of The Owl & Cat Readings. He has featured all over Melbourne and Australia including at The Spinning Room, Passionate Tongues, The Dan, Melbourne White Night, Speed Poets and Keep Left.

Annie Solah