Slamalamadingdong returns in June with Maxine Clark and new slams

Slamalamadingdong, Melbourne’s premiere poetry slam, run by one of the scene’s community building heavyweights, Michelle Dabrowski is back after a month long hiatus and boy did our calendar miss it. With a new look and poster, the June slam will feature “the daring, the fiery, the original Melbourne’s own Maxine Beneba Clark” alongside a limited slam of 7 competitors. It’s also the beginning of some exciting experimentation with the slam format. There’s a teaser for a ‘jam slam’ with musical accompaniment and later on, they’re going to be playing with the ‘interview slam’ format where competitors are interviewed after they perform and are scored.

Sign up is at 8pm sharp. Get there early. Facebook event is here and as always, keep up to date with upcoming events on our upcoming events page.

Annie Solah