Submit to the collective Melbourne Spoken Word video poem

Melbourne Spoken Word dot com was created to promote and document the Melbourne spoken word and poetry community. And how better to promote the scene than with some spoken word poetry by a whole bunch of Melbourne poets. Let us create words together about Melbourne, poetry and how it all fits together.

We are calling for submissions of not poems, but video clips of lines and verses for a collective poem. The theme is on the Melbourne spoken word scene so send us lines or verses about the poetry community, the venues, faces, or understanding Melbourne poetically or how Melbourne affects poetry. We’re open to any style. Even better if they’re performed in iconic Melbourne locations or classic poetry venues. Be creative and unique!

Submit and upload the video clips in a .mov file via this link. Please keep the clips to 20 seconds or less, if not shorter, so we can fit as many poets in as possible. If they’re too long, we won’t be able to include it. Include your name/pseudonym and your suburb. Submissions close Sunday, the 2nd of September at midnight. I will select the best ones and edit them together into one video, including the poets’ names.

Then we can share it around to showcase the amazing poetic talent we have in Melbourne and the website where they can find out all about it. What do you all say?

Annie Solah