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We’ve just launched the Melbourne Spoken Word mailing list to complement our other channels of communication, this website, Facebook and Twitter. We’ve also been existing offline in the form of leaflets with upcoming events being handed out at various poetry events. We want to reach people in Melbourne new to poetry but also be a central point of communication between different sections of the poetry and spoken word scene. Each outlet is not meant to replace the other, but complement each other to help poetry take over Melbourne.

Email-megaphoneTo that end, we will send out an email to those subscribed to the mailing list around about once a week, or if there is urgent news. Only Melbourne Spoken Word itself will be able to send out emails. It will be a weekly digest of upcoming events and news and what’s recently been posted to the Melbourne Spoken Word website over that week.

It will help reach those without Facebook or other social media, as well as help to access those people that already subscribe to our other outlets as Facebook has made it harder for smaller pages like ours to access all of the people that ‘like’ us. Facebook doesn’t show all ‘fans’ our posts automatically and not everyone is on Facebook all the time to catch everything.

We’ll be taking a sign-up sheet around to gigs for people to be added manually as well.

If you want to make sure we know about your news or events, like always, email [email protected] with the information. We’ll include all upcoming events that week in the email, as well as advance notice for select events, as well as things like books and CDs just released (and whether we’re looking for people to review them), awards, and other news. If you’ve got something like that, that might be appropriate, send it our way.

To subscribe to the Melbourne Spoken Word mailing list, go to this sign-up form. And please email us if you have technical issues with joining.

Annie Solah