Poetesis Open Mic

To our stellar collective, As our next event falls on May the 4th we would like you all to beam down and share stories with Josh’s theme of SCIENCE FICTION. […]

Girls on Key with Noëlka Fialová & Grace de las Nieves

Girls on Key returns to wow you with the exhilarating Grace de las Nieves and the immense Noëlka Fialová at the one and only Open Studio. There are 10 open […]

Poetesis Open Mic Sells Out

How much does a dollar cost? Who watches the watchmen? Like it or lump it we’re living in the throws of CAPITALISM and we’re sure that you all have something […]

Poetesis Open Mic is Homebound

The fire has been lit and the aroma of food fills the air… As the weather gets colder in the hills we’d like to invite you all to come and […]

Poetesis Open Mic Gets Mythological

The fates have foretold the coming of a monumental moment… This upcoming open mic will see the spinning of great tales by the new gods as we explore the loose […]

Talking Blue: Poetry @ Ronnie’s Blue Bar

Poetry has arrived at Melbourne’s home of hip-hop, Ronnie’s Blue Bar. Smooth talkers, slick walkers, gather round for a night of linguistic subtlety and sultry word play. Ronnie’s blue bar […]