Poetesis Open Mic

Poetesis is a fortnightly open mic for Poets to grow and develop in a safe and comfortable space in the hills. Come join us downstairs behind the bookshelf at Sooki […]

Cherry Poets #1

Cherry Poets at the Cherrytree Hotel steps into the shoes of the old Dan Poets, stretches it’s toes and says ‘aaaahhhh!’. The new gig is up and running this week […]


Breaking Down Barriers in the Poetry Community

Written by Carrie Maya I’ve only been involved in Spoken Word Poetry for about two years. That’s nothing in comparison to many of the poets I’ve seen gracing stages and pages […]


ContraVerse, new regular open mic launched last night

A new spoken word and poetry open mic was born last night at Hares & Hyenas under the guidance of ReVerse Butcher, ContraVerse. It ran as a regular open mic […]


Spoken word emerges again at EWF

Words by Benjamin Solah The Emerging Writers’ Festival is beginning this Thursday and if you’re into spoken word, there’s certainly events for you to get along to. The line-up of […]


Submit to the collective Melbourne Spoken Word video poem

Melbourne Spoken Word dot com was created to promote and document the Melbourne spoken word and poetry community. And how better to promote the scene than with some spoken word […]