Third spoken word night at Egg Gallery on August 5

Sunday, August 5 @ 5pm – Egg Gallery, 66a Johnston Street, Fitzroy – Facebook event

Egg Gallery along Johnston Street in Fitzroy have begun regular spoken word nights to complement their art exhibitions, which is an exciting new collaboration between the wordy and visual. They’ve been happening roughly monthly and the third night will take place on Sunday, August 5 from 5pm and feature seven poets doing ten-minute sets including Amy Bodossian, Amanda Anastasi, Benjamin Solah, Anna Fern, Emilie Collyer, Annerliegh Pappos & Steve Smart. It’s also hosted or ‘DJ’d’ by Santo Cazzati.

Previous performer Randall Stephens on the new event said,

“Melbourne poetry at it’s most basic, comin’ in from the cold off a busy street in a dive part of town, performing for mostly non-poets, sitting on a dusty concrete floor, drinking out a cask being passed around, an arm’s length from the speaker/audience. Nowhere to hide. Loved it.”

Other upcoming performances include Koraly Dimitriadis vs Ben John Smith in a poetry war at Polyester Books on August 3 as well as West Word in Footscray featuring Santo Cazzati and then George O’Hara on August 12 and 26 respectively. As always, keep up to date with upcoming events and features on the left sidebar or at our dedicated page.

Annie Solah