Touring Melbourne as a spoken word artist or poet

Melbourne, designated in 2008 as one of UNESCO’s Cities of Literature, is home to a vibrant, diverse and active scene of live spoken word events, poetry readings, open mics, poetry slams and poetically infused performance nights. With over thirty regular events around the city, mostly monthly, most weeks feature at least three or four events, with some weeks featuring events every night of the week, with some nights presenting difficult choices for those wanting to get to everything. Many events host regular features and pay performers to perform, featuring some of Melbourne’s rich talent, as well as interstate and international performers visiting the city.

Melbourne Spoken Word also hosts special one-off events for some performers with the aim of bringing in wider audiences to spoken word and introducing them to Melbourne’s rich scene. We’ve hosted the likes of OVEOUS, Sierra DeMulder, Bill Moran, and Ebony Stewart.

If you’re a performer that practices spoken word, and is thinking about touring. Melbourne is a great place to consider to add to your tour itinerary. We’re not in the position to help with travels costs, but we can help you get in contact with gig organisers or see if a one-off show is possible.

Email benjamin AT melbournespokenword DOT com or via our contact page with a media kit including a bit about yourself, some testimonials, where you’ve performed, a video or two of you performing and when you’re thinking of coming to Melbourne.