Video Verse: Randall Stephens exclusive

We haven’t had some videos in a while but we’re giving you the first look at new clips by Randall Stephens! Randall Stephens will be featuring this Thursday at Slamalamadingdong, and as part of our first spoken word event with Conduit Arts Initiative next Saturday night, as well as a few other gigs. Check out our upcoming events page for more.

Exclusive from Randall Stephens

It’s taken me a while to get my hands on this footage, but as a lead up to my Slamalamadingdong feature next week, and the release of my album ‘Product’ soon, I’m very excited to be presenting high-quality video of what I think are pretty attuned performances.

Alex Scott, my good friend and award-winning filmmaker has helped me polish these up adding some titles and optimizing the audio and video, without losing the live/raw flavour of being in the audience. The audio from this performance of ‘Beholden the Giant’ is actually what we ended up using on the album.


Annie Solah