Video Verse: ‘The Future of Entertainment’ performed by Alex Scott and Randall Stephens

Video and Words by Randall Stephens

Since plagiarism is all the rage in Australian poetry at the moment, I though why not post a clip of me stealing someone else’ poem right in front of their eyes? In this case my good friend Alex Scott’s “The Future of Entertainment”. No but seriously friends, I’m really thrilled to be able to finally share this clip with you, the first of four high-quality videos with you, shot at May’s Slamalamadingdong Poetry Slam, when Michelle Dabrowski was silly enough to give me a feature.

Alex Scott and I have edited together the footage from several camera sources to create these videos in glorious HD1080p (oh and thanks to own Benjamin Solah for helping shoot this footage on the night.) It was a great night and I think we’ve captured the atmosphere here well, this poem being a surprise ending we pulled on the crowd, and the audio for which has made it onto my new release of PRODUCT, the album launch for which we’re having on Tuesday at The John Curtin Hotel in Carlton.

Speaking of the new album (’cause we were, you see), I’ve also posted up the album intro and first poem with backing graphics for the first two tracks. Have a listen/look.

Watch this space for more videos soon, and more details on the PRODUCT album launch check out my blog.

Annie Solah