What can spoken word fans go see at EWF in 2016

The Emerging Writers Festival rolls around in Melbourne for another year, between the 14th of 24th of June, there’s a stack of events for all kinds of writers, but mostly emerging ones. And for emerging spoken word artists, performance poets and slammers, there’s a nice little chunk of events especially for us featuring names and faces of those we’ve seen regularly around poetry gigs in Melbourne all year round.

The one event that jumps out at us, of course, is Late Night Lit: Poetry Slam. Yes, a slam at EWF this year with a line-up of heavyweights including The 2015 Melbourne Spoken Word Prize winner, Steve Smart, Australian Poetry Slam Victorian Final Winner, Abe Nouk, and fellow Australia’s Got Talent finalist, Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa, plus the well-known Emilie Zoey Baker and from New Zealand, Jess Holly Bates.

Poet, slammer, rapper and novelist, Omar Musa, is an EWF Ambassador who will be hanging around and doing sessions during the National Writers’ Conference, which includes a range of informative sessions for emerging writers, including one on poetry.

The program also includes Soreti Kadir, Abdul Hammoud, Alicia Sometimes, Rania Ahmed, Jessica Alice, Jax Jacki Brown, Bigoa Chuol, Quinn Eades, Lee Kofman, and Joelistics, all faces we’ve seen grace open mics and featured at the gigs we list at Melbourne Spoken Word.

Check out the program for more info, to see where various poets are featuring.

Photos by Michael Reynolds (Steve Smart, Emilie Zoey Baker) and John E Photography (Abe Nouk and Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa

Annie Solah