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Friday, December 7 @ 7:00pm


Northcote Town Hall
189 High Street, Northcote



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The 2018 Melbourne Spoken Word Prize is the fourth annual episode of one of Melbourne’s premier events for spoken word. Taking place this year at Northcote Town Hall.

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Listen to the latest issue of Audacious

Listen to the latest issue of Audacious, the audio-journal of Melbourne Spoken Word, a quarterly album of spoken word of the most bold and fresh voices in Melbourne.

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Event — Sunday, November 18 @ 5:30pm

Launch: ReVerse Butcher's On The Rod

Hare Hole

ReVerse Butcher is proud to be be launching the epic Artists’ Book, ‘On The Rod.’

On The Rod is a 322 page artist’s book project that used collaging, over-painting, erasure poetry-ing, postcarding and illustration techniques to satirize, critique, and obliterate a single copy of Jack Kerouac’s ‘On The Road’ and turn it into a queer feminist interjection. It is not a homage. It is not a retelling. It is not a copy of the original found object/book, or an adaptation. It has been totally transformed, it is unrecognizable. There is no sensible narrative. While in production, the pages were done in random sequence. It can be read in any order, and makes (non)sense with pages in isolation, and as a totality. The book was broken, so she fixed it.

2500+ postcards (all reproductions of various pages from On The Rod) were lovingly placed in random library books throughout Melbourne (& in select other locations), for readers to find and keep.

Having taken 4 full years of work to transform and create the one-off original, (& another year to work out how to duplicate it & make it publicly available)… it is finally going to be obtainable in one piece.

To celebrate, there will be poems, music and the opportunity to buy prints, postcards & eBooks. There will be a silent auction for one of the rare only 30 copies of the hardcover reproductions – and the opportunity to make an order if you miss out on the day.

Featuring the incredible Sarah Curro (playing the Spur violin that ReVerse Butcher collaged for her), Kylie Supski, Jax Jacki Brown, John Stevens, Gabrielle Everall and others TBA.

The book will be launched by Casey Jenkins.

Wheelchair Accessible. Accessible for all ages.