Got an upcoming gig? CD or Book out? New video?

Melbourne Spoken Word relies on content from Melbourne Spoken Word artists and supporters. Whether you have an upcoming gig to promote, a new CD or Book out that everyone needs to know about, or a new spoken word video, we want to see it. We are also looking for reviewers, interviewers and opinion writers.

All requests and submissions should be sent to [email protected]

Upcoming gig?

We want to keep the scene up to date with all the upcoming events on the scene whether it’s the regular gigs like Passionate Tongues and The Dan or one-off special performances. The more notice the better. Send in details include the name of the event, date, location, price or whether it’s free, what type of event it is and whether or not there’s an open mic. Include a leaflet, photo or blurb if possible. We’ll put all gigs up on the ‘Upcoming gigs’ page and some up as special posts, especially if we’re notified well before the date.

Book? CD? DVD?

We are also looking for new release spoken word publications from audio to text for review. Email to arrange sending the product or to meet up with an editor to give them a copy, or send a link to a free version online.

New video?

We regularly want to feature videos of spoken word either live performances or pro videos. Email us a link to either a YouTube or Video version. We can’t guarantee will include all videos but less amateurish the video the better.