Melbourne Spoken Word is a website about spoken word and poetry in Melbourne, run and written by the very people involved in spoken word and poetry in Melbourne. It is intended to be a central hub for information about upcoming gigs and a forum for discussion and news about the ‘scene’ or ‘community’ in Melbourne.

We encourage contributions of various forms, especially those who have been involved, even briefly in the Melbourne spoken word scene. We are especially looking for the following things:

  • Reviews of spoken word and poetry publications or events, be they books, audio recordings, DVDs and events in Melbourne. We advise you pitch your idea for what you’d like to review so we can advise if it’s appropriate as well as making sure someone else hasn’t already pitched to review it.
  • Interviews or profile pieces about individuals, groups or regular gigs or organisations involved in the Melbourne Spoken Word scene
  • Articles or opinion pieces about experiences, debates, controversies, questions etc. about what’s currently going on in the scene or what is lacking, could be improved, is missing, we could see more of.
  • Historical pieces on old gigs or performers or organisations that contributed to the scene in some way that would be useful for people to learn about
  • Video content: interviews, performances, journalistic type pieces in video. We love video pieces.

As with reviews, we prefer pitches of ideas first before submissions of the article article. We prefer people who have had some contact with the scene, even if it’s only been to a few gigs. To pitch or submit email [email protected] with the words ‘pitch’ or ‘submission’ in your subject header.